Pulsation dampner in stainless steel
sanitary applikations

Pneumatic alarmunit

Pneumatic diaphragm alarm unit


Pneumatic level control system

Batch control unit
Pnumixer – pump and mixer in one unit
  • Pulsationdampner
  • Pneumatic alarmunit
  • Levelpump
  • Batchcontrol
  • Pneumix
Control systems for secure and reliable production


Take control over your production with a suitable system and secure the best possible perfomance from your pump unit.



Many accessories are available, to extend the function of the Tapflo pump. Here is a brief overview:

Pulsation dampeners
The active pulsation dampener is the most efficient way to remove pressure variations on the discharge of the pump

Diaphragm alarm system
This system will immediately alarm and shut of the pump at an eventual diaphragm break

Batch control unit
The batch control unit allows you to set and pump a certain volume of liquid

Level control system
This ingenious system is operated with pneumatic components only. The level control system may be installed in sumps, tanks or tubs to start and stop the pump at certain liquid levels.

The Pneumix works both as product transport pump as well as mixer. The Pneumix was predominantly developed for the paint and ink industry where most raw materials in drums or containers settle out over time and need to be mixed or blended prior to use.